EK and Friends (Trevor Shohen, Mike Ritz, Kamal GHammache-Mansour, Sean Lally Erik, Nick Latanzi  Tyan Duchene @ Steam Pub (Southampton, PA - 2015 HOME ABOUT VIDEO Erik Kramer Band Erik performs his original music under the moniker of ‘The Erik Kramer Band’ (a.k.a.  ‘Erik Kramer & Friends’), which is composed  of  Erik, Melina Harris, Sean Lally, and  a rotating  group of  excellent musicians.
Uprooted featuring Michael Glabicki  of Rusted Root
Erik Kramer Jazz Combo
Session Work    Erik performs, and records, on bass guitar, double bass, guitar, vocals, and drums in bands and as an accompanist. Erik performs (and books) jazz gigs with the excellent musicians he has met along the way …  including at The Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz, The Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts, and at The Berklee College of Music.  Erik is a member of ‘The Paul Giess Group’. Rosemeat
Rosemeat’s music is a little bit of a lot of things. It dances seamlessly between folk, jazz, funk, rock ‘n roll, and everywhere in between. Erik Kramer and Melina Harris fuse tight harmonies with intriguing lyrics, weaving clarinet lines, electronic samples, and exciting instrumental performances. The band is rounded out by Sean Lally on guitar and Adam Shumski on drums.
Uprooted’ has masterfully expanded the landscape of the older ‘Rusted Root’ songs and created a new intuitive and magnetic vision of the material. Their inspired performances not only energize and expand the hearts of the crowds but also show us how to take the new music to the next level.
Rosemeat’s debut EP and t-shirts are now available on Bandcamp

Erik Kramer

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