from The Siren’s Sound review of “Missed the Boat” …    ‘Missed the Boat’ is an  excellent EP from beginning    to end, defying genre by jamming together funk, jazz,    and experimental influences.”
from Indie Shuffle’s” review of “Seagulls” …    “the maturity and musicality of this track are so tangible -  much like the vivid dream which it seems to drift through.”
IndieRock from the French)        “The arrangements are subtle, the compositions are rather unspeakable and in perpetual motion, it  swarms with details and does not resemble anything known  while being inspired by many things: Missed The Boat is undoubtedly a great libertarian  work, Erik Kramer, and is set to be a landmark.”
from Obscure Sound review of “Missed the Boat” …   “ … ‘it’s an extremely eclectic listen, as evidenced  by the glistening and infectious self-titled track…  “Missed the Boat” is a surefire winner from a debut album that’s bound to impress.”
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featured artists … Asher Kurtz (guitar) Angelo Spampinato (drums) Chritopher Pegram (keys) with appearances by … Tal Shtuhl (sax) Noah Frank (trumpet) Brian Paulding (trombone) Alex Blum (viola) Melina Harris (vocals) Shane Firek (vocals) Keren-Or Tayar (vocals) Timm Mulhern (engineer) Michael J. Thomas III (mixing).
 … what critics are saying about Erik’s debut EP
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